The United States continues to grow.  The Federal Government has increased in size and scope over the past decades.  The increased population and the uncertainty of world events has fueled a need for Federal Law Enforcment.  The attacks of September 11, 2001 prompted a renewed committment to national security within the Federal Government.   Prior to the attacks of 9-11 much of the countries "national defense" focused outside the borders of the United States.  Now, federal law enofrcement officers from all branches of the government work securing the United States inside and outside the boundaries of the United States.  Whether it is Border Patrol Agents patroling the deserts of Arizona or Transportation Security Officers examining baggage in Logan International Airport they are working to protect the citizens of the United States. 
Federal Law Enforcement Careers
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
FBI - Special Agents

Department of Justice
ATF -Special Agent
DEA - Special Agents
US Marshall

Department of Treasury
IRS Agents

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Corrections Officer

Transportation Security Administration
Airport Screeners
Bomb Appraisal Officers
Security Officers

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Police Officers

National Park Service
Park Ranger - Law Enforcment

US Customs and Immigration
CBP Officers
Border Patrol Agents

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis in 2009 the Federal Employee was paid $81,258 annually as compared to $50,462 in the private sector.  In addition, the benefits of the federal worker outpaced the private sector by $30,000 per year.  Federal compensation was overall $61,998 higher than private jobs.
Federal Law Enforcement Jobs
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